Rajiv Malhotra

Rajiv Malhotra is an Indian-American researcher, writer, speaker and public intellectual on current affairs as they relate to civilizations, cross-cultural encounters, religion and science. Rajiv has conducted original research in a variety of fields and has influenced many other thinkers in India and the West. Alongside hundreds of articles and public appearances, Rajiv has authored several game changing books such as Breaking India, Being Different, Indra's Net and The Battle for Sanskrit.10 Articles

Stephen Knapp

Stephen Knapp is the Founder and owner of The World Relief Network, a publishing company for the dissemination of accurate information on the Vedic philosophy. As a Founding Member and President of the Vedic Friends Association, over the years, he has made numerous global presentations on Vedic culture and spirituality. He has authored several books on Vedic culture and traditions. See more on http://www. stephen-knapp.com6 Articles


Palak Shah

Palak is an Executive Recruiter at a Fortune 500 firm. A spiritual entrepreneur at heart, Palak has spent more than 20 years as a practitioner and teacher of India's dharmic traditions.5 Articles

Taranand Naik

Taranand Naik is a community leader practicing monastic discipline in International Society for Krishna Consciousness since 30 years. He travels extensively worldwide engaging in thoughtful discussions on Vedic literatures.5 Articles

Kausik Gangopadhyay

Economist by training; humanist in yearning. Interested in Dharma, Culture & Civilisation. Views personal.4 Articles

Maria Wirth

Maria Wirth is a German with psychology studies from Hamburg University. She visited the Ardha Kumbha Mela in Haridwar in April 1980 where she met Sri Anandamayi Ma and Devaraha Baba, two renowned saints. With their blessing she continued to live in India. She dived into India’s spiritual tradition, sharing her insights with German readers through articles and books. You can nd more of her writings at mariawirthblog.wordpress.com4 Articles

Anugrah Nagaich

Anugrah Nagaich is a Natural Resources Engineer, Environmental Manager and Urban Planner by profession, and an environmentalist by heart. Besides his teaching career, he is currently engaged in various exploratory researches across several inter-disciplinary domains while also volunteering for few social causes.3 Articles

Venugopal Acharya

Venugopal Acharya has done his Honors degree in Economics, Masters in International Finance, and is also a post-graduate MBA in Finance. He has worked with the Times Group and undertook projects for prestigious organizations such as ICICI Bank and KPMG Pete Marwick before he accepted monastic discipline in ISKCON. He travels globally spreading the Vedic wisdom. Read more of his passages on his website Articles


Kushal Mehra is B.Com graduate from Mumbai University, self-employed textile entrepreneur, and part-time socio-political activist.3 Articles

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