Ayodhya, Sri Rama and Us


From poets, philosophers and godmen, to politicians, athletes and movie stars, all kinds of celebrities often have memorials or museum monuments created in their honor by their fans and followers. These memories are usually constructed shortly after their passing, or sometimes even during their lifetimes. Unfortunately, however, for more than the last five centuries, Sri Ramachandra did not have His rightful place in His own birthplace. This vanvas of the Lord lasted more than 500 years. Hence, what a relief, joy, and privilege it is to know that the wait is finally over; Lord Rama will finally have a new temple in His own birthplace, Ayodhya.

The beauteous descriptions of Ayodhya in the pages of Sri Valmiki Ramayana, surpass just the external charm of a vibrant city; Valmiki Rishi speaks in great detail of the inner beauty of the citizens and rulers. For example, one of Dasaratha Maharaj’s ministers, the great Jabali, states, “ yajnasva, dehi, diskhasva, tapstpyasva, santajya” or “perform yagna (atma samarpana), give charity, take diksha (resolve for some regular sadhana), do tapasya and have dedication”. (Ayodhya kanda 108-16) Therefore, followers of Sanatana Dharma hope to see that the Sri Rama Janmabhumi temple will spread not only the glories of the external temple, but the real culture of Ayodhya outside the borders of Ayodhya, to all over Bharata, and beyond.

Sri Rama and Sri Krishna are the heartbeat of every Indian – even if some heartbeats beat on a rhythm of hate, most follow a tempo of love and affection. Let the heartbeat of every Indian pulse with positivity for the emergence of this long overdue temple; let everyone study Sri Ramayana for enlightenment, entertainment and transformation of their physical and spiritual realities.

Ayodhya literally translates to, “the place which cannot be fought”, or “invincible”. Thus it is certain that the physical geographical location of Ayodhya will emerge evermore glorious, yet we should also remember that the spiritual “Ayodhya” in the hearts of those that place Sri Rama as their ruler, also has to grow much deeper. The light of Sri Rama glowing deep within everyone’s spirit, signifies His coming back from vanvas to celebrate Deepavali. That lamp is in the form of the awakened heart that makes a conscious effort to practice the essential five principle policy of Ayodhya – atma samarpana, dehi, diskhasva, tapstpyasva, and santajya.

Let us joyfully celebrate the ground breaking ceremony for the emerging temple in Ayodhya, while also sincerely resolving to celebrate the vital teachings of our beloved Sri Rama so that the real Rama Rajya can be established in everyone’s heart.

Jai SitaRama!!
Jai Ayodhya!!

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Taranand Naik is a community leader practicing monastic discipline in International Society for Krishna Consciousness since 30 years. He travels extensively worldwide engaging in thoughtful discussions on Vedic literatures.

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