Caste & Conversion – A 21st Century Colonial Conspiracy – Part 2


Who created the “Dalits”/Untouchables and how…

There is ample historical evidence that the Dalits “the Untouchables” were themselves a creation of the Anglican Colonialists of the Church of England –

Legalizing The Caste Conspiracy

The castes and tribes “notified” under the 1871 Act were labelled as Criminal Tribes for their so-called “criminal tendencies”. As a result, anyone born in these communities across the country was presumed a “born criminal”, irrespective of their criminal precedents. This gave the police sweeping powers to arrest them, control them, and monitor their movements. Once a tribe was officially notified, its members had no recourse to repeal such notices under the judicial system. From then on, their movements were monitored through a system of compulsory registration and passes, which specified where the holders could travel and reside, and district magistrates were required to maintain records of all such people. However, when they tried to make a living like everybody else, they did not find work outside the settlement because of public prejudice and ostracisation and this has continued to this day. The British rulers enforced this law for almost 100 years, with the determination, meticulous attention to detail and diligence which has become the hallmark of “Britishness” with vast numbers being removed from their ancestral communities and culture and being marginalised in society, on the outskirts of towns and villages. Madras alone saw 273 tribes being grouped as criminal in one fell swoop of the British Legislators pen. When India gained freedom from the British in 1947, thirteen million people in 127 “criminal by birth” communities faced search and arrest if any member of the group was found outside the area prescribed to them, by Anglicans. 

This was the genesis of the Dalit or ‘untouchable’. This masterfully destructive British legislation of 1871, precisely like the Lord Harries’ amendment, was posed widely as a social reform measure, which reformed ‘by-birth criminals’ through work. The Colonial racist agents of the Church of England created the Untouchable Caste and today wring their hands in shared compassion and solidarity with the self-same ‘Dalits’, supporting them in their hour of need, against the terrible wrongs done to them by those ‘demonic Brahmins’, those educated Hindus who had the temerity to challenge the predator priests of the Church of England, then and now.

The Tribes that challenged the British with physical force and were crushed to become the downtrodden, the Brahmins challenged the Anglicans with knowledge and were vilified and denigrated and portrayed globally, as the oppressors of the Dalits, “divide et impera”… divide and rule.

It beggars belief that decades later we are still hearing the same reasoning from such luminaries as Lord Harries, and yet almost all of the British establishment are quite happy to accept without scrutiny, the reasonableness of what is being proposed. This implies that even today it’s perfectly natural to assume that such reasoning only applies to “brown non-Christian folk”. If “criminal-by- birth” were universally applicable the present day descendants of the Slave Traders and Colonialists, almost all of European “nobility” and certainly the Bishops of the Upper Chamber, are guilty of crimes against humanity on such a scale that whole continents would have to be converted into prisons to contain all of them.

The horrors inflicted upon Hindus by the strategies and social experimentation of the Anglican invaders were so grave that when Emily Eden arrived in India accompanying another agent of cultural genocide, Lord Auckland, she wrote back to her relatives in England “I wonder how we are allowed to keep this country a week …. Why don’t they cut all our heads off and say nothing about it?”

The answer to the question “who created the “Dalits/Untouchables” is that the radical Anglicans  of the British Raj created the Dalits/Untouchables with the Criminal Tribes Act of 1871. The Church of England is responsible for this crime against humanity and to be held accountable. 

Caste & the Creation of a Hinduphobic Hate Brand

The Right Honourable Lords further ignored the manner in which the evangelical Church has carefully and diligently developed the word “Caste” into the global, ultimate anti-Hindu, Hinduphobic brand, the use of which can be relied upon to instantaneously trigger Hinduphobia – it was crafted with this purpose in mind by Anglican missionaries and is knowingly and unknowingly leveraged by them to this day. It is now a trigger word, a word which can, like ‘nigger’, ‘paki’, ‘chink’ and ‘wog’ before it, be relied upon with Pavlovian predictability, to create feelings of contempt for all things non-white, foreign, Hindu or Indian, so much so that like all advertising brands the faculties of thought, reason and the need for supporting evidence, are not even considered necessary or even relevant.

As evidence of this pinnacle of the achievements of the Anglican clergy, I submit the following incident which occurred as recently as 29th May 2016 and which was broadcast upon the BBC’s national television channel BBC1 and in which I was participating as a Hindu representative. The subject of this TV programme was “Did Man Create God?” and as one can rightly assume, Caste has no relevance and should never even have entered the course of the dialogue. The reality was however starkly different; when I was receiving a degree of audience support for the Hindu view, the host Nicky Campbell true to his no doubt unconscious conditioning, immediately interjected “But you Hindus have the Caste system”… again the principle of the Pavlovian dogs at work, because as everyone knows, “Hindu” automatically equates with Caste. Unconscious conditioning is the most favoured weapon of the supremacist racist and I could almost hear the Bishops in their gilded Palaces clapping their hands with delight.

The fundamentalists of the Anglican tradition are at this very instant, fully engaged in grooming and radicalising the least educated and most vulnerable, sowing discord and creating an “army of the discontented” in India and now it would seem, here in the Britain of the 21st Century.

Archbishop Justin Welby trumpeted his desire to concentrate upon Evangelism, which to non- Anglicans means “grooming in preparation for radicalisation”. The most despicable but wholly critical and vital aspect of this strategy, includes repeatedly blaming the “high castes” for the poverty in India, ignoring all of the evidence which indicates that over 240 TRILLION POUNDS of wealth was siphoned out of India during the heady days of the Anglican jihad.

It should be further noted that the maximum number of conversions has been amongst the least educated and least knowledgeable and also the most innocent and most vulnerable and these are the peoples who are even today being groomed and radicalised by the Christian proselytisers in India’s hospitals and schools and other places where vulnerable desperate souls can be coerced and converted. Even a cursory inspection reveals the favoured strategy of the plunderer at work – “Divide et Impera”, divide and rule, in full flow and being sustained by the present day Church of England.

There is one key fact which the Hinduphobic manipulators of Lambeth Palace rapidly skip, hoping that no one will ever ask: What is the metric by which a Hindu was classified as high caste or low caste? It wasn’t money, the Brahmins were always traditionally poor having taken a vow of simplicity. It wasn’t political power or land because when the Anglican plunderers arrived in India, two thirds of the country was ruled by Shudra kings and Queens. So what metric was used to denote whether a person was “High” or “Low”?

There is only one metric which applies consistently to every occurrence of “caste measurement” and that is simply this – the threat level to the Church of England. The educated spiritual priests and intellectuals were all banded together into one and labelled ‘highest castebecause they represented the ‘highest threat’ to Anglican domination and those who represented the ‘lowest threat’ to the Anglican jihadis were pushed into the ‘lowest caste’. It then became a simple task of applying the weapon of cultural genocide ‘divide et impera’  and the rest, as they say is history.

The Colonialist Anglicans having built their religious empire in Britain by leveraging physical force and fear, found in India religious ideas which, if shared with their flock, would reveal the shallow emotional and intellectual manipulation of the Church’s ideology. They discovered, like thousands of pilgrims to India before them, teachings and wisdom which celebrated and elevated humanity as inherently and intrinsically, divine and not sinful. They found concepts which applauded exuberant human creativity and ingenuity and which above all, worshipped as divine, the human sibling faculties of ‘Jnana’ and ‘Bhakti’, reason and devotion, in a unique union, a wholeness of blissful tranquillity, a natural state called Yoga.

The late Huh Shih, nationalist scholar, diplomat and one of the legendary leaders of Chinese thought, in a paper presented at the Harvard Tercentenary Conference of Arts and Science in 1936, made a fundamental observation on India’s contribution to the evolution of Chinese civilisation.

 “India”, argued Huh, “conquered and dominated China culturally for two thousand years without ever having to send a single soldier across the border. Never before had China seen a religion so rich in imagery, so beautiful and captivating in ritualism and so bold in cosmological and metaphysical speculations. Like a poor beggar suddenly halting before a magnificent storehouse of precious stones of dazzling brilliancy and splendor, China was overwhelmed, baffled and overjoyed. She begged and borrowed freely from this munificent giver. China’s indebtedness to India can never be fully told.”

Fearing a similar fate, the Anglican Church fathers however adopted a pathology most akin to cancer, they attacked the physical, spiritual, academic and linguistic organs of the civilization, with a level of meticulous determination, which if applied to learning with love and honesty, would have seen a global evolutionary leap of all of humanity, but the price to be paid, being the death and possible resurrection of the Church of Empire, was deemed too high. Seeing this dire threat to their multi- national, transgenerational religious “Ponzi” scheme, they set about the deconstruction of the very being of India and chose a path of destruction of the best of all things human.

The Shame by the Lords of Britain

Sustained denigration of all Hindu scholars, priests and educated families and guilds was as critical to the success of this cancerous assault as was undermining the Dharmic teachings themselves and Anglican scholars did this by deliberately conflating and mistranslating texts that had been unchanged for over 4 thousand years. Suddenly the fluid, supportive empowering social structures which had created the greatest, most harmonious and unwarlike civilisation, were gleefully misrepresented as vehicles for social injustice, sustainers of discrimination and oppression.

Within a hundred years of Anglican domination, millions of Hindus had died of famine and poverty and her economic infrastructure had been all but dismantled, converted into a resource extraction process of unyielding torture, horror and genocide. As computed by Brooks Adams in the 57 years from 1783 the Anglican pirates extorted or simply stole between 2.5 Billion and 5 Billion US Dollars out of India. Indeed records show that Robert Clive, the Anglican 1st Baron of Plassey sent 4 million dollars of plunder to Calcutta in one shipment alone, remarking “When I think of the marvellous riches of that country, and the comparatively small part which I took away, I am astonished at my own moderation.” One can’t help recalling Lord Debens’ remarks about traditional British values. 

The inherently fluid and naturally life-embracing wisdom of Varna, Jati, and Kul were deliberately and maliciously transmuted into clinically corrosive Caste and the cultural and religious deconstruction of the oldest living indigenous civilisation, the last remaining threat to global domination of the Church of Empire, began. In Lord Harries’s amendment, it continues unabated, even today.

Caste, Varna, Jati & Kul

As to ‘Caste’ – It first appears in mid-16th century Europe (in the general sense of ‘race, breed’): from the Spanish and Portuguese casta ‘lineage, race, breed’, feminine of casto ‘pure, unmixed’, from Latin castus ‘chaste’. Modern day Caste is defined as having three attributes – “hierarchical, endogamous & hereditary”, and was the word describing the Portuguese and European social structure of Pope/Cardinals, Aristocracy, Merchants and ‘Peasants’. There is no equivalent word or concept in the Hindu Scriptures and no identical structure either recorded or promoted in Hindu Scriptures.

As to ‘Varna’ – This is a Sanskrit word which means “type, order, colour or class.” It more precisely means “variations/variety, choice from a varied selection.” As in Varmala – the Garland of choice used by a Hindu Princess at her SwayamVar (“self choice”) to declare to all her chosen suitor, the Varnmala ie the alphabet – a garland of variations ie different sounds. Var like so many Sanskrit roots has found its way into English as in variation and variety.

In the context of the often misquoted core Hindu Scripture the Bhagavad Gita, Sri Krshna says “I have created 4 variations of person – the intellectual, the warrior, the trader and the labourer”. There is no connection in the verse quoted with birth, no mention of hierarchy and no connection with endogamy. Indeed there are verses clearly denying the hereditary and hierarchical claims. Varna clearly does not mean a hereditary, hierarchical, endogamous social structure which is what the word “caste” means.

Historically, in India, just as in any nation anywhere in the world throughout history, sons and daughters followed in the footsteps of their fathers and a whole community was dedicated to single professions, preserving and refining the knowledge capital of a civilisation. But this is a universal social phenomena, whether it is the coal miners of America’s Appalachian mountains or the cattle ranchers of Africa’s nomadic tribes. There is also social injustice along these class/guild lines in many different countries not to mention the fault lines between Celtic and Rangers, Catholics and Protestants and so on. But the Anglican British social engineers, by their own admission, were largely responsible for the deliberate transmutation, stratification and ossification of the Caste system in India, as we have it today.

Does social injustice that falls along class lines exist in India? Of course, as it does in Great Britain and in the US, where they have a prison population of 85% black men, yet no one places this problem at the feet of Christianity, even though a clear connection can be made to certain verses in the Bible, slavery and even current day race relations in many countries. The Rockefellers and Lords of London are not dining with the janitors of London while the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Unlike the case of India and Hindus, no one ascribes this social injustice to a religion. The Lords are not troubled by the horrific racism statistics propelling America’s #BlackLivesMatter initiative and yet the mission of elevating the British Hindus out of their backward ways, like a lodestone drawing iron filings, perennially draws all of their attention – and we are asked to believe that it has nothing to do with conversion.

“ No aspect of Indian society is as poorly understood as its social organization. The caste system, as described in Indian textbooks, is a creation of the anthropologists and sociologists of the nineteenth century who were then studying the bewildering complexity of Indian society. The informants of these social scientists used the theories of the archaic Dharma Sastras to fit the communities in a four-varna model. Although such classification was wrong, it has been used by generations of Indologists and filtering into popular books it has, by endless repetition, received a certain validity and authority. In an example of reality being fashioned in the image of a simulacrum, many Indians have started believing in the enduring truth of the classification (Subhash Kak,1994)”

Caste as a concept and practice and social cancer is purely and exclusively a European creation, and has no roots nor support an any Hindu ideology. The Church of England is both responsible and accountable.


It should now be clear that by entrenching a falsified concept of Caste into Law, the Church of England sought to protect its centuries old anti-Hindu branding project. The “divide and rule” policy being so skilfully executed to separate and maintain distance between Dharmic communities along the lines of Caste required the concept of Caste to be enshrined in law. This would allowing Christian Clergy the world over to leverage the concept as a platform from which to denigrate the oldest most tranquil spiritual tradition in the world, thereby facilitating “easy conversionary pickings” year after year, generation after generation.

It’s also self-evident that only in a world where Dharmic ideals are providing guidance (as was the case in pre-Abrahamic days) can intercultural harmony exist. We must recognise that

  • none are deemed sinners at birth,

  • none claim exclusive entry to higher realms of consciousness,

  • no theocracy is required for humanity to exist according to our naturally endowed higher qualities and aspirations,
  • Divinity can be found in the deepest heart of all people simply by sustained tranquil introspection,
  • thus all are truly equal in the eyes of Divinity.

Consider a possibly extreme, light hearted example. Even if you think that the Hare Krishna’s are a little “dynamic” in their devotion, it is certain that if all humanity were “Hare Krishna’s”, there would be food for all, more dancing and singing and no religious warfare! And the same applies to all members of the Dharmic family of spiritual traditions. The record (as opposed to the marketing literature) of the Abrahamic traditions of enforcing with violence, their exclusivist, aggressive insistence on uniformity and submission over 2,000 years, rests in stark contrast and is also plain to see.

Recalling the words of the ancient Hindu Mundaka Upanishad, and the Indian national motto, Satyam Eva Jayate – “truth/reality alone triumphs”, recalling also St Augustine’s pronouncement “truth does not need to be defended, it is a lion and merely needs to be released”, we present our understanding of the truth of the Bishop Lord Harries “Caste Amendment”.

The permanent solution to eradicating any discrimination is to erase the Colonial concept of Caste from Consciousness altogether and clearly not to preserve and sustain it, by enshrining it in Law.

About Author

Satish Sharma

Satish Sharma is a senior management consultant with wide ranging expertise for several decades in information systems and business operations. He is an acknowledged YogaAcharya, trained in the YogaShastras and Dharmic Scriptures from the perspective of personal spiritual practice. He teaches meditation and yoga since 2002 and has taught in the UK and Ireland, Europe and the US, Israel and India. He has appeared on various TV and Radio shows speaking on Hinduism and Dharma.Currently he is serving as General Secretary of the NCHTUK, National Council of Hindu Temples in UK. He has been working extensively with the AFN, the British Sikh Consultative Forum and is the Chair of “City of London InterFaith”. He chairs the representation of the Hindu community at national events to also help formulate and contribute the Hindu perspective to Government through the British Board of Hindu Scholars.

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